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Quite a popular brand for fans of heavy sports and bodybuilders. It originates in Thailand in 1999. In the product line, there is absolutely everything, it’s just incredible. The creators of British Dragon were Edwin Richard Crowley and Ashley Vincent Livingston.

Who is at the head of the company is now difficult to say. Surprisingly, but the original British Dragon has always been distinguished by a sufficiently high quality, which was confirmed by numerous analyses. Interestingly, often the amount of active substance even exceeded the stated!

Raw materials were supplied from China, but took, thanks to connections in the Chinese market, only the highest quality-that which did not contain extraneous impurities.


  • Methandienone is probably the most famous of the steroids in bodybuilding, recently administered this methane in conjunction with testosterone, weight and strength indicators went up very quickly, gained about seven kilograms, for eight weeks, after the end of the course, excess water came out and there were five kilograms of clean muscles. During the course used anastrozole, and after the course tamoxifen, methane.

Damian McGee, Fort Worth

  • A good drug! during the reception, all indicators of working age were present. This increase in sweating, shaking in the hands during the start of the reception, rapid heartbeat, and of course rapid fat burning, even when you do nothing, you feel like fat goes away.

Antony Mills, Columbus