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Manufacturer: British DragonSubstance: ChlorodehydromethyltestosteronePackage: 100 tablets of 10mg in a 10 blisters

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Turanabol Tablets (Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone) 100 tablets of 10mg in a 10 blisters РOral Steroids from British Dragon.

Oral Turinabol is an anabolic-type steroid, similar in structure and properties to methandrostenolone. The key difference is the presence of an additional chlorine atom in the turic. The drug was created in Germany in the 1960s as a powerful combination of methandrostenolone and oxandronol, having a smaller list of side effects and a better result. And to a large extent the manufacturer succeeded: turinabol – a powerful anabolic with minimal androgenic action with maximum indicators of strength and endurance.

In the first years after the entry of turinabol into the market it was often used in various sports: boxing, athletics and culturism. It is clear from the name that the steroid drug is intended for oral use (inwards). It is produced as white, pink, blue tablets with a dosage of 10 mg. The steroid half-life is 16 hours and the blood detection period is 250 days.

The anabolic drug turinabol is considered one of the most effective among it. Even in a short course of administration it allows to gain muscle mass, at the same time reducing the amount of fat and water in the body as much as possible. In addition to the obvious visual effect, the oral turinabol improves the characteristics of the athlete: increases his power capabilities and endurance.

Indications for reception

The drug is recommended exclusively to professional athletes in specific cases – to achieve high results at the final stage of preparation for competitions, to obtain a “dry” form for performance on stage.

Turinabol is not suitable for beginners or athletes who plan to return to trainings after a long period of “downtime.” But in the form of a monocurus with a minimum dosage, the drug may well be used by beginners.

Best of all, steroid has shown itself as a stimulating “tool” for athletes who have achieved certain indicators in sports and have fallen into the so-called “plateau” period (stagnation of indicators). At such moments, the body is no longer able to cross the insurmountable barrier without the help of pharmacology.

Hormonal steroid is perfectly combined with any sports additives (gainer, protein, energy, etc.). The choice of suitable depends solely on the purpose of the anabolic substance.

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